My husband's job allows us the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas several times a year as well as experience things in Vegas we wouldn't normally do on our own.

This trip was no exception with a few things mixed in that we've never experienced until this trip in Vegas.

I finally got to ride Slotzilla! It's the zip-line over Fremont Street. And yes, I did the zoomline. Now, I know how Superman feels flying! It was a blast! Just pack your patience if you're doing it during peak hours. Our boarding passes were for 11:40 p.m. and we didn't actually take off  into flight until after 1 a.m.

We saw Gwen Stefani at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood. She put on an awesome show! But no, I didn't see Blake in the audience. Yes, I looked.

We went to this bar at Mandalay Bay called the Red Square. It has a giant headless statue of Lenin outside the door. Inside the Vodka Vault is his head inside a glass box. The vault is chilled at around zero to minus-5 degrees. You get to wear these cheesy fake fur coats and hats when you enter the vault. Inside the vault you can do shots of vodka.

We ate at a few delicious restaurants at Caesar's Palace -- Searsuckers, American Homestead and Raos. As well as our favorite place to sit and people-watch while eating and drinking on the strip: Cabo Wabo.

I guess no matter how many times I venture to Las Vegas there is always a new experience waiting to be discovered.

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