I love cereal and I love doughnuts. This sounds like a win-win to me, but how are they, really?

I thought they were pretty good!

You definitely get that classic Froot Loops citrus flavor when you bite into one of these doughnuts. They're multicolored, but tasting each one individually I didn't notice a different in flavor at all. They're all just kind of 'Froot Loops' flavored. That's fine by me.

You get 5 mini-donuts for $1.99 which I think is a decent deal. A fun treat, for sure. Who knows, maybe these will get so popular that we'll see Cinnamon Toast Crunch mini-donuts. Or, just in time for Halloween, Count Chocula mini-donuts. Only time will tell.

You find Carl's Jr. on the corner of South First and Washington in Yakima.

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