Cody Johnson is making his way to the Yakima Valley Sundome on October 15th. Cody Johnson is a native Texan who loves his country music and even had a few hit singles himself. Cody Johnson puts his heart and soul into the music he writes and you get to expierence it live.

Before you go to the show, I wanna give you some fun facts about Cody Johnson that may turn you into a super fan. You'll even learn why we here at the Bull are big fans of Cody Johnson. Sit back relax enjoy these fun facts and even get your hands on some Cody Johnson tickets. I'll tell you how at the end.

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Cody Johnson was a Professional Bull Rider

Right off the back the reason why we love Cody Johnson, he was a professional bull rider before he was a country musician. Cody was in the middle of his career as a professional bull rider, both of his worlds collided when he last rode for his final time his first single was released while he was on the bull.

Cody Johnson had Multiple Surgeries from his Past Career

Being a bull rider is no joke, you put your life on the line to prove you're one of the best in the world at what you do. Some of these riders pay a price in broken bones. Cody had multiple ankle surgeries, broken ribs, and even had to have a few sinus surgeries because of it.

Cody Johnson Didn't need a label to get On Billboards top 100 for Country Music.

Before Cody ever signed with a record company he ran his own record label called CoJo records. Under his own label, two of his songs had reached the Billboards Top 100 for country music. Proving he was in the right line of work.

Cody Johnson Started his Country Music Career at a Young Age

Cody learned how to play guitar and drums which quickly led him to write his own songs, after a little bit of encouragement Cody formed a band in middle school that went on to play the Future Farmers of America talent show and took home second place.

Cody Johnson holds an impressive record

Cody Johnson spent a lot of time on the independent circuit while making name for himself. He sold over 74,000 tickets and became the only unsigned artist to sell out Rodeo House and NRG Stadium.

If you wanna see Cody Johnson perform live at the Yakima Valley Sundome you can still find tickets by clicking the link here.

Tickets To Cody Johnson at the Yakima Valley Sundome

Check out Cody Johnson's song "On My Way To You."

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