My nephew came over to visit last night. Him and his wife brought their 4-year old awesome son Grayson as well. This kid is amazing. He's whip smart and full of personality. He runs around saying things like "I got this!" and "I ain't down with that!" 

They arrived form Idaho on a road trip to visit their family in Oregon and stopped by for a visit yesterday afternoon. When they arrived around 1p, I asked Grayson if he wanted a sandwich. I was promptly corrected - Grayson then informed me that it was a "sammich", cause they "taste better" with air quotes. I love this kid! 


He said he wanted a peanut butter and jelly sammich. We went to the kitchen and found we didn't have any jelly, We got the peanut butter out of the cabinet and he saw some mini Oreo's Lisa uses for making desserts. He said, "let's make a peanut butter Oreo sammich!" Ok, sounds good to me!  

I asked him which peanut butter we should use as we had two jars. Grayson said "Both!" So we pulled out the Jiffy and Skippy, cause, according to Grayson, "Both are better together." 

You learn something new everyday. 

He slathered on the peanut butter and then carefully embedded the mini Oreos into the peanut butter and I had him count out each one as he sank them into the peanut butter.  


To be honest, I never had a Peanut Butter / Oreo Sammich. I was kinda curious. So, I made one too.  

Grayson sat down and informed me that chocolate milk is the best pairing for this! Remember, he is only 4 year-old!! 

I made his chocolate milk and made a small glass myself (cause you know, yummy). 

I gotta say, it was really good. Really good. We sat there and laughed about life love and Captain American. I love this kid. I wanna share his recipe. Here is Graysons Peanut Butter & Oreo Sammich! 


Any Bread 

Two Jars of Peanut Butter - Jiffy and Skippy. Use a little of both.  

Slather both sides of bread to taste 

Add Mini Oreos  

Add other piece of bread 

Make chocolate milk. 


Enjoy! Love you Grayson! 


All My Best,  

The JimShow 


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