Adam Sandler made them famous in the 90's and you have rocked them since. On the golf course, going to dinner in the summertime and casual summer occasions. Like most trends, all good things must come to an end. Men, according to social media and ladies nationwide, guys, it’s time to give up the cargo shorts and go with something lesser.

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Gents, It's time to get rid of your baggy cargo shorts. This goes for knee-length khaki shorts as well. Because the ladies want to see your meaty thighs, boys.

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It’s a thing on social media. Twitter and Tik-Tok are leading this trend. They are saying the best length for men's shorts is thigh showin’ shorts. That means a shorter inseam. Plus, in the Yakima summer heat, shorter shorts are cooler.

The more traditional length for men's shorts is a seven-inch inseam. Now, the trend is to go shorter. Not crack invading shorter – just a tad shorter.

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Ladies, I want to know if this connects with you, as I see TONS of women commenting that short shorts just look better on men. They make them look taller and it's more flattering to their legs. Plus, you can show off your meaty thighs guys!

Ladies, does this work for you? Is this something that indeed makes a guy look better?

And what is the cut off age for shorter shorts? 30? 40? 50? Am asking for a friend.

Guys are you down with this? Would you wear these shorter shorts? Do you care?

I know for me, it’s just one more thing I have to buy. And dang it, I just bought my pair of underwear for the year – and I am spent.


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