A guy in northern California recently told his roommate he hit the lottery for TEN MILLION. So the roommate stole the ticket, and swapped in a phony one he altered to look like the real one. When the guy went to cash it, lottery officials told him it was fake. Then the roommate showed up to cash the real ticket on Monday, and got arrested.

It got us on the conversation this morning about roommates and have they ever stolen anything from you.  Cheyenne's old roommate stole a hunting tree stand.  I don't recall a roommate ever stealing anything from me, but a party guest that was over at a Halloween party I threw several years ago stole nearly $300 in cash from my night stand.  Seriously!  All bathrooms were full, the only one available was the one in my master bedroom, so I said 'go ahead', and found out the next day the money was gone.  He was the only party guest to use that bathroom.

Did you ever have a roommate that stole something from you?

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