My family and I adopted a puppy November 2018 for the kids as part of their Christmas present, and we have been working diligently to train the pup but now I am starting to feel like I have failed...

EmmyLou who is half Labrador and half PitBull was just 8 weeks old when we adopted her from the Humans Society, she was just like bringing home a little bundle of joy! So sweet and full of adventure, not really understanding the world. She just wanted to cuddle and be cute... Now, she is the exact same but months older and refuses to listen. Before you ask, no we did not baby her. Jordan and myself both grew up with dogs and we are fully aware as to how to train and grow up a pup, but EmmyLou is SO stubborn!

Our youngest boy is almost 2 and EmmyLou loves to bulldoze right through  him and  thinks his cute chubby wrists are teething toys. While she doesn't leave marks nor does she hurt him, this is a habit I have to break and I can't! I will say also, these two are basically best friends, Easton loves to give her loves and pets her all the time.

Help.... if you have any tips or tricks of dealing with a crazy puppy I would appreciate it!

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