Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis retired in the middle of Sunday's game against the Chargers. The Bills were down by 22 at halftime, and that's when Vontae decided to hang it up. He later said he suddenly realized he "shouldn't be out there anymore."

That got me thinking, have you ever quit a job on the spot?  As in, you're at work and decide right then and there that this isn't for you.

It happened once to me. I'm not proud of it ... not one bit. I  still feel bad to this day.  I was working as an overnight stock worker at a grocery store in my hometown of Kent.  I'd stock the shelves from 10 p.m.-6 a.m. Working overnight sucks. For those who do it regularly, I give you mad props. It wasn't just the hours, I was initially led to believe there was advancement opportunities, but those never materialized. I'm all about working up from the bottom, but when that wasn't even a scenario, I was done. The final straw was a demeaning comment the manager on duty said to me, so I walked out. I remember sitting in my car in the parking lot and watching him run into the parking lot looking for me. I felt bad, still do.

Have you ever quit a job on the spot?


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