My friend Doug in Cali has been at home quarantine for several weeks. He was going to run some errands, went to start his car after it had been sitting for weeks.

Started the car and then heard a noise a while the motor was running. He opened the hood and found a little kitten in his engine compartment. It took him about 20 minutes, but he got the kitten free and now has a new kitty that goes by the name Dodge. If your car has been sitting for awhile, you might want to check under the hood for critters.


Had a rat live in my Jeep a few years back after it had been sitting for a few months. It happens. Look for grass and debris that would resemble a "nest". or droppings near the area, If you see some, it's a good bet you have a critter living in your car. Rats love to chew wires, so they can do some major damage to your electrical system. 

Dealerships are getting lots of calls on this. So if your car has been sitting, inspect your car, under wheel wells, undercarriage and engine compartment BEFORE starting your car. 

  Prevention is key. If your car is going to sit for a long time in an area that might be rife with rodents (near alleys or open fields), try to make your car an un-alluring animal destination. Park it in the garage, and keep it away from seeds, dog food, trash cans, and spray cheese. All that tasty stuff those critters love.

Rats And Mice In A Medical School Laboratory
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