My kids Jackson, 14, and Shaylee, 12, have their first official baby-sitting job. Three days a week this summer they will be watching my brother's little girl. My niece River is 8 years old and she reminds me in so many ways of my little brother. Basically, my kids will have their hands full!

In all seriousness, River looks up to her older cousins. I think the time that they'll get to spend together over the summer is priceless. I remember growing up staying the night with my grandparents along with my cousins. We may not have had a bunch of money, but we had each other. And those are memories that money can't buy.

I've tried to tell Jackson and Shaylee that they can't just sit her in front of the TV. This is a two-part strategy: one it will get my kids out and off the TV, two it will get them a little more active.

I suggested playing in the sprinkler, jumping on the trampoline or riding bikes.

I told them not to let her eat junk food all day.

I told them that she needs to abide by the same house rules they do and that she needs to clean up her messes.

I'm sure that I'm forgetting stuff, but I just want them to have together, make memories.

Do you have any helpful summer baby-sitting tips or ideas?

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