If you are happy that spring is here, and if you love animals, and if you love a good run or walk, and if you love to be involved in a very worthy endeavor, the Humane Society has just the event for you in Yakima!

The Humane Society in Yakima is thrilled to be presenting one of their all-time favorite events - 'See Spot Run' on Saturday, May 1st! See Spot Run is a 5 K run or walk that is perfect for the whole family, including your dog! Everyone from serious runners who often enjoy this event as a season warm-up, to folks who just want to take a casual stroll in the beautiful greenway area near the Humane Society.

Walking or running with your dog is a great way to get some exercise and have your efforts pay off, by helping to support the important work going on at Yakima's Humane Society each and every day. If you'd like to walk a dog but don't have a furry family member currently, arrange to take an eager shelter dog out with you for a trot and get to know one another. You never know, you could wind up making a new best friend and taking them home!

I was proud to have served on the Humane Society Board of Directors for a decade and to have had a chance to help in small ways by fundraising and helping with developing events such as these over the years.

Register and sign-up online at Yakimahumane.org right now. Be sure or stay tuned for your chance to win a pass for the whole family on 92.9 The Bull each morning next week beginning Monday at 7:25 with Brian and his Dog Tater on The Morning Bull Pen.

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