My friend is having problems getting her 11/2-year-old son and 21/2-year-old daughter to sleep at night. My friend has tried everything to get them to fall asleep. She mentioned that she's thought about giving both of them Benadryl before bed.

I told her that maybe she should try something a little more natural like melatonin.

As a parent of four kids, I completely understand the sleepless nights and how it can be extremely difficult. My son Jackson was the WORST when it came to getting him to fall asleep. Our family physician was the one who suggested giving him melatonin.

I wasn't about to go all "mom crazy" or "mom shame" my friend because I've been where she is -- at your breaking point, thinking no one understands what you're going through or that no can help. We've got to stop that!

Bull Family, what do you recommend for two insomniac kids?

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