During our trip to Las Vegas I wore high heels a couple of nights. On Tuesday night I wore my black patent pointed toe heels. They are only 2 inch heels high, so they are not outrageously high.

I usually get blisters when I wear high heels, but they never get infected. My ankle swelled up to the point that you couldn't see my ankle bone. I was starting to get the red line going up my ankle, which is a very bad sign.

My cousin who is a nurse told me to get my booty to a doctor! The problem was it was a Friday night, so my husband forced me to go to the Emergency Room. I did not want to go! I thought it was dumb to go to the ER for something that minor.

They gave me some antibiotics and sent me home. The ER doctor asked me if I learned a lesson from my infected blister and the answer was, NO! I'll still wear high heels!

Is there a way to keep from getting blisters when you wear high heels?