Well it's been non-stop housework since my house closed in May. I've had the typical cuts, bruises and scrapes ... you know, the type that happen to people who don't take safety precautions (me! LOL!). Nothing involving bloodshed ... until last week.

I was installing the back patio door ... I had the door in and mounted. Sweet! It looked great. It was when I was installing the door handle that I suffered the worst of all my cuts. I was using the drill on a screw ... the drill bit slipped off the screw head and right into my thumb. Blood, pain and throbbing. It was the type of wound you just wrap in a paper towel and throw some duct tape over it because you don't want to even look at the damage.

The damage wasn't AS bad as I had thought. But still took off part of my thumb nail and some skin. It's healing all right. Definitely looks better now than it did last week.


Have you ever injured yourself doing home projects? What happened? Hit me up on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. I would love to hear about it!

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