A new study found the right amount of free time to have in a day is two and a half hours. If you have less than that, it'll affect how satisfied you are with your life. But if you have MORE than that, it'll make you unhappy, because you'll feel like you don't have enough of a purpose.

How do YOU define "free time?" Myself, I would think that any time outside of work would be considered "free time." Cheyenne, she'd define it as "ME time." As in the time you have to yourself, without kids. She thinks that her time with her kids is not her free time. It's her OBLIGATION. Same goes for cooking and housework. It's an obligation.

I agree to an extent that parenting and normal everyday adult tasks are obligations, but we do that stuff during our "free time." We can't do it during work, right? And if you are parenting, you CAN leave the house with your kiddo at will and hit up the McDonald's, right?

How do YOU define "free time"?

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