Have you been getting these calls from the “Social Security Administration” lately? I have received several over the last couple weeks. The calls have been non-stop.

The calls state that I am being sued by the “Social Security Administration” for fraudulence.

Wow. That's scary.

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Just to be clear, government agencies will NOT call you unless prompted by you for an issue. Typically, they will contact you via mail. Plus, the very thick accents with the back ground noise tells you there are dozens of people with the same middle European accent is kind of a dead giveaway.

I usually ignore Robo calls and let them go to voicemail, but these call were getting to the point of being ridiculous. I am a sucker for giving someone a bad time, so, I decided to engage with them.

Remember, I am a semi-trained professional. Do NOT try this at home people.

IS 1

Here is the transcript of the call:

(thick European accent): “Hello, this is the Social Security Administration, what is your name please?”

Me: “My name is Ima Scamma.”

Scammer: “Alan Scanna?”

Me: ”No, Ima Scamma.”

Scammer: “Eema Samma”?

Me: ”Can I spell it for you?”

Scammer: “Please.”

Me: “I-M-A, S,C,A,M,M,A.”

Scammer: (Long pause) “Ida Hamma?”

Me: (being condescending) “Let me spell it out  s l o w l y for you. I-M-A, S,C,A,M,M,A.”

Scammer: (Longer pause) “Ima Scamma?"

Me: “Yeah, I know.”

Scammer: “What was that?”

Me: “I was just agreeing with you.”

Scammer: Pause “Sorry, Ima Scamma?”

Me: “Yes, I know.”

Scammer: (getting agitated) “That is your name? Ima Scamma?”

Me: “Yes, I am aware that you are a scammer.”

Scammer: “No, that is not me. I am Victor!”

Me: “No, on this call, you are a scammer.”

Scammer: (Long Pause) “It that your name?”

Me: “No, that’s yours. You are a Scammer”

Scammer: (further agitated) “What do you mean?!?”

Me: “Question, who is the head of the Social Security Administration Mr. Scamma?”

Scammer: (Scamma stammers) “What?”

Annoyed upset woman in glasses looking at her smart phone with frustration

Me: “Who is your boss? Who runs the Social Security Administration What is the persons name?”

Scammer: (Loooooonnnng pause) "Oh, no- I see. You are not Ima Scamma.”

Me: “That is correct - you are.”

Scammer: (Long pause) “F&*@ You.”

Me: “That’s not very becoming.”

Scammer: “F&*@ your mother.”

Me: “That’s not very nice. How do you expect to get my personal information with an attitude like

that, Mr Scamma?”


They haven’t called back since. I tried the number again just moments ago and got the recorded message, “The number you are calling is being investigated for unlawful use or fraudulent activity”

I wish Mr. Scamma well. We never even got the part where he asked for my social security number.


It’s a great reminder. These calls from “government agencies” will NOT call you unless there has been an issue you were previously notified about. This usually comes via mail.

So, if you are getting these calls, do yourself a favor, ignore them. Mr. Scamma is not a person you want to talk too.


All My Best,

The JimShow AKA, Ima Scamma

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