I caught a pretty nasty cold last week, and since then my right ear has been extremely plugged. And to be totally honest, it's starting to drive me crazy! I am a loud person by nature. I just speak at a higher octave than the average person. But with a plugged ear I can't tell how loud I am actually being because I am so loud in my own head!

I have tried yawning over and over again, chewing gum, and plugging my nose and trying to blow air out of my nose -- nothing has worked. So this morning I asked our listeners what they have done to help unplug an ear after a cold! There were a lot of really great suggestions, but Jeff called in and suggested pouring hydrogen peroxide in my ear. He said it's what doctors do at the office, so I decided to try it. Check it out!

I didn't know how long I was supposed to leave the peroxide in my ear, so I left it in for about five minutes and then I flipped my head over and let it drain out for a couple of minutes. A few short moments after, I actually felt really good, like the pressure was gone. But shortly after that the pressure came back and it was plugged again.

So did it work right away? No. Did I do it right? Honestly, I have no clue. Do I still have a plugged ear? 110% yes.

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