There's a posting on Craigslist right now of someone who is selling a replica Oscarmeyer Weinermobile! Apparently this person purchased the vehicle a few years ago as their everyday vehicle, but the novelty has kind of worn off. According to the listing "[It] was a novelty and enjoyable for about a week. Now I suffer."

I bet the gas mileage sucks, plus I'd imagine it gets tiresome to be stared at by strangers every moment of every day.

If you'd like it, it's listed at $7,000 here.

It got me thinking... if you could own ANY replica vehicle from any movie, TV show, event, business, etc., what would it be?

For me maybe the Ford Econoline Sheep Dog from Dumb & Dumber? Or the Batmobile/Tumbler from Batman Begins.That seems pretty extreme though lol. I'd settle for the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard.

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