I had the pleasure of touring Lewis and Clark Middle School this morning for about an hour. The Principal, Mr. Nourani took me around to a number of different classrooms to interact with the students and teachers. I was very impressed with the look of the school, it was clean and had a lot of purple colors throughout the buildings. The interior courtyard had some sort of purple tree and tulips in bloom and was a great way to liven up the cement courtyard.

As we went from room to room I noticed the students were wearing either purple, grey or white, and it really seemed like the students had a sense of pride in their school work. The first classroom where we stopped they were working on different presentations about aeronautical engineering or flight. I was able to help the kids with their research and hear a little preview of their upcoming presentations.

One other cool part of the tour was the Art classroom. I was blown away by the quality of artwork from 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Being a Country Radio DJ I immediately recognized one of our biggest stars on the classroom wall. Here is a student drawn picture of Taylor Swift. I hope you are as impressed as I am!

Over all it was a great use of time to get out and talk with the future of our community. I could go on about the band class and the impromptu song they played for me, or the social studies class that had a bunch of cool animals surrounding the room, I'll sum it up as good experience overall. Keep up the great work Lewis and Clark and I can't wait to come back! Next time thought I'll time it around lunch so I can get a cheese zombie!