March 8th marks a great day for the female gender, it is a day of international awareness and a day to commemorate the strengths and successes of women! So who inspires you? Who is a women that is unbeatable and drives your success?

I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by women who are successful in many aspects of life... My family is full of great women from my mom who sells insurance and then runs her own salon, she is a fantastic cook and has a sense of style that is all her own. She is the voice the reason between my brothers and I when we are fighting and she the bull when things need to be taken care of... she is truly an amazing women


She is just the tip of the my family, my sister in law is a strong Army wife... She is currently holding the fort down in Fairbanks Alaska while my brother is deployed. Taking care of the home the animals in the absence and she is also spearheading her own career. Not only that she puts up with my brother which that in its self deserves a trophy some days!


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