For years, I've heard about people taking apple cider vinegar as an herbal supplement.  No one more of an advocate for this stuff back in the day than my dad. He would take shots of it, and he claimed it worked to keep his appetite in check, help his internal cleansing abilities, etc. The only thing I remember of it was that he SMELLED HORRIBLE whenever he would return from a run.

Why would I want to consume something if it's going to make me reek?

Now that was over 10 years ago. It's still around, and people still swear by it. I've always stayed away because shooting vinegar and smelling after a workout didn't sound like something I wanted to deal with.

Well, the fear of shooting vinegar was erased when I was at Costco recently and they had apple cider vinegar supplements in PILL form.  So I did a quick Google search at Costco to refresh on the health benefits of the stuff. Here's what I found. It listed proven benefits like it helps lower blood sugar levels, helps lose weight, reduce belly fat, and it detoxes the liver.

Sounds amazing, right? And now that it is in pill form, the only thing I need to worry about is SMELLING after a workout. If that's it, I'll deal. So I bought the pills. Let's see how this "magical" supplement treats me.

Have you taken apple cider vinegar as an herbal supplement before?  Did it work? Would love to hear your take on the stuff. Drop me an email




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