Surprisingly enough only a handful of states have laws against leaving your children home alone at a certain age. Go figure most states have different answers when it comes to this topic.

Some states made the age cut off as young as 7 whereas others put it on the other far end of 14. So where does Washington state fall? Our guess was somewhere in the middle, obviously since Washington has so many laws of course they have one for this...right?

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Nope, wrong, there is no law about what age you can leave your child home alone in Washington State. Granted some ages are frowned upon and repetitive offenses could end up as child endangerment, so let's take a real look into the best age of leaving your kids home alone.

Even tho there isn't a law about it in Washington state it's still suggested that kids being left home alone shouldn't be younger than 10. This suggestion is there to keep you out of trouble more so than in it. They also suggest if your child is spending more and more time alone that you get them a cell phone for emergency calls and to stay in contact with.

Times have changed and the plight of a single parent is much more accepted. The old phrase "It takes a village" wasn't just for single parents but for everyone, raising children in this world is a very difficult task, it's okay to reach out and ask friends for help when you need it.

Now let's talk about how long is considered acceptable, in Washington State authorities suggest not leaving the kids home alone longer than a few hours, for some this may not be possible especially for those who have to work. So here are some suggestions for things you can do for your kiddos while you're away from work.

Of course, keep a phone for them or a laptop where they can get in touch with you or call emergency services if needed. Find some fun things they can do on their own, coloring sets, video games, anything to keep them locked in on something until you get back.

Talk to a neighbor or friend close by that can be there if anything does happen, make sure emergency contacts are always aware when you have to leave your kiddo home alone.

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