The age-old debate about how you eat your Oreos has restarted with the introduction of Nabisco's Valentines Day heart-shaped cookie-dunking set gift package. The set includes a red, heart-shaped cookie holder, matching mugs, Oreo cookies and dunking tongs. You can find the set at Walmart for $18.

I finally spilled my deep, dark Oreo-eating secret during this how-do-you-eat-your-Oreo discussion. Here's my secret: I separate one of the cookies and eat the cream filling. Then, I stick the cookie back together with the other half and place it back in the Oreo package. So when my kids go to grab Oreo cookies they get handfuls of cookies -- minus the delicious cream filling. I usually hear a, "MOMMMMM, stop ruining the Oreo cookies!" or "UGH, that is so gross Mom!"

Are you a dunker? Maybe you eat Oreos the normal way, or are you wired like me and only eat the cream filling?

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