Ok, did you grow up in the 90's? Chances are you remember this show on Nickolodeon called, 'The Secret Life of Alex Mack'. It's about a teenager who accidently get drenched with a really weird chemical that gives her powers; like shooting electricity from her fingertips and morphing into this weird liquid goo stuff. I thought it was SOOO awesome, but now, I'm in mom mode and would freak if there was some weird chemical spill in my neighborhood. Well, unfortunately if you live in Yakima, it's very likely there's some hazardous activity happening near your home.

According to KIMA, there are over 300 hazardous sites in the City of Yakima. The silver-lining is that these companies that use all sorts of chemicals are monitored by the Department of Ecology, so they're making sure those companies are following all the rules and getting it all cleaned up. If you want to know what's happening in your hood, CLICK HERE. 


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