A day that humans care about more than the subjects of the "holiday" itself. Even, the most passive pets on the planet have their own holiday - and they could not care less. I mean, test me on this. Buy your cat a gift and see what happens.

I know our ironically adopted cat named ‘Kitty’ (I am somehow proud and ashamed of that name at the same time) is proof of this. I could hand her $100 Million Dollars and she would look at me, yawn and in her best  inner Shania Twain voice to impart her thoughts of “That don’t impress me much”, then go off and groom herself on our bed.


Probably like your cat, our naps constantly. We counted at least a half dozen naps on one of our days off. Like yours I am sure, Kitty has it good. It’s not a symbiotic relationship for sure. They rarely miss you, but when they do, they really show it. That’s Kitty. Our lovable and ambivalent cat.

But what National Cat Day is really all about is adoption awareness.


We urge pet lovers to adopt from places that the Yakima Humane Center. If you are wanting a little bit of companionship where a bit (or in our case allot) independence is handy, consider rescuing a cat to give them a loving home. Just remember to yourself a couple primer questions. What will happen to this pet if you move? Will you be declawing the adopted pet? What type of housing do you live in? Will this pet be in the presence of children frequently? How many pets do you currently own?

Kitty 5

All good questions before approaching the adoption process. Click here to see the latest cats that are ready to be adopted here.

So, if you have a cat, enjoy National Cat Day. If you don’t, consider adopting.


All My Best,

The JimShow


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