It's Quirky Country Music Song Title Day and sometimes that 'ol stereotype of country music comes home to roost. There is some truth in the stereotype as country songs' subject matter has been across the spectrum from funny to sad from novel to depressing.

I don't think any other genre of music can lay claim to the classic quirky titles that country music has in their musical barn.

I went and dug up some titles that perhaps should've stayed buried.

It's a classic about toilet paper ... yup.

There was a day when Walgreens was right across the street from Sears.

...and who doesn't want to be on the Top 40 of the Lord?

...and why not poo? That's a great song idea.

...and who doesn't like food? Biscuits and buns make for a perfect country song title.

I know there are a ton of quirky country titles out there, but these are some fun ones to start you on your way.

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