Today is Stupid Guy Thing Day. Yes ... it's exactly as it sounds. A day to celebrate the stupid things your guy says or does.

I think sometimes it's not that they are stupid, but they just don't stop before they say or do something. They don't always use their filter.

They also aren't observant, which can also lead to them saying and doing stupid things.

I've heard and witnessed some good ones ...

  • I was in line at the grocery store and had a political button on my purse. The guy behind me asked, "You gonna vote for that guy." Pointing at the button. I gave him a puzzled look. In my mind I was thinking, "No, I just have this button pinned to my purse for fun. Here's your sign."
  • "Does the carpet match the drapes?" This will get you punched. Don't be that guy.
  • Don't build a bridge right after you've had knee or back surgery. Shaking my head as I'm watching from the kitchen window.
  • Don't play baseball in the yard with the batter hitting toward the house. Not good for glass windows.

What stupid thing has your man done or said?

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