The 2 Fastest Growing Cities in Oregon and Washington

There are so many people relocating to the Pacific Northwest these days and we were curious which cities in Oregon and Washington made the list of the fastest growing cities in America. We discovered that Bend, Ore., and Spokane Valley, Wash., were the only two fastest growing cities in our neck of the woods (KNDO) so we wanted to know what’s so great about these two places.


Bend, Oregon

Came in at #7 for the fastest growing small metros in America. Any place that has its own New Year’s Eve Bonfire on the Snow had us at hello! Spectators can go snow-shoeing, take in the seasonal beauty of “our solar system’s twinkling lights” at midnight, and enjoy some lively holiday fun. (Wanderlust Tours) Check out for more things to do in Bend. See why people are moving here in (small) droves.


Spokane Valley, Washington

Came in at #9 for the fastest growing midsize metros in America. You can play volleyball on a “beach” at Browns Park, swim at the Park Road Pool, hike and see the waterfall at Mirabou Park Trails, and many other fun outdoor activities in Spokane Valley. We can see why many Americans are relocating there.

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See the other cities that are experiencing a relocation boom here.

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