Beaver in Oregon
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Oregon, The Beaver State, is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most interesting states. Surrounded by borders of four states (Washington, Idaho, California, and Nevada), Oregon is home to some 4 million people, around 200 volcanoes, close to 40,000 beavers, and the largest amount of people to ever wear onesies pajamas together (Guinness World Record 2017).

Another part of the allure of Oregon is being known for its delicious food that is native to the state. Can you name at least 5 of these delicious foods that Oregon is famous for?

5 . Marionberries

Tillamook Marionberry Pie Ice Cream

The people of Oregon are very proud of their marionberries. They use them in all kinds of recipes, not just for pies. You can find marionberries being used in recipes you wouldn’t expect, like ice cream, pizza toppings, avocado toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, balsamic vinegars, and goat cheese balls.

@the_platter_girl ✨MARIONBERRY-BLUEBERRY GOAT CHEESE BALLS✨ With my local favorite Marionberry-habanero jelly, vanilla-cinnamon honey & pistachios for the perfect little appetizer! Ingredients —> 8 oz blueberry vanilla goat cheese 8 oz cream cheese 2 tablespoons Marionberry Habanero jelly - I like @kellysjellyoregon 1 cup chopped pistachio nuts Vanilla Cinnamon honey drizzle - I like @naturacentric 1️⃣ Combine the softened goat cheese and cream cheeses in a medium sized bowl with the marionberry-habanero jelly 2️⃣ Roll into bite-sized balls and place in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes or until firm 3️⃣ Remove from the fridge and roll each ball into the chopped pistachios 4️⃣ Serve with crostini and drizzle with the honey Tip: Wear gloves when you roll the balls so you don’t get cheese under your nails . . #goatcheeseballs #appetizers #appetizerideas #easyappetizers #goatcheese #goatcheeselover #goatcheeserecipes #ainttooproudtocheese #cheeseboard #grazingboards #grazingtables #thatcheeseplate #todayfood #feastagram #recipeoftheday #festivevibes #charcuterie ♬ original sound - The Platter Girl

4 . Hazelnuts

Oregon Hazelnuts
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Hazelnut trees were planted in Oregon by colonizers in the 1800s. These trees loved the Oregon soil and climate. Production of hazelnuts is a billion-dollar industry for Oregon farmers. Willamette Valley is the number one producer of hazelnuts in America. Even world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay has found ways to showcase the delicacy of Oregon’s hazelnuts. Check out his recipe for “Gordon Ramsay's Perfect Hazelnut Dessert” below. https://youtu.be/lQR11dR-6_c

3 . Tillamook Cheese

Tillamook Sharp White Cheddar

Tillamook is an Oregon dairy co-op that has become famous not only in the Pacific Northwest, but nationwide, for its delicious cheese and other milk products, like butter, sour cream, ice cream, and yogurt. The company is committed to reducing their carbon footprint, fighting food insecurity, and helping local Tillamook farmers and youth in their agricultural community.

2 . Salt + Straw Ice Cream

Honey Lavender Ice Cream

Why is Salt + Straw ice cream so popular? Their handmade ice cream flavors, including Strawberry Cilantro Lime Cheesecake, Marionberry Coconut, Sweet Corn Waffle, and Honey Lavender are sought after by many foodies. The company started as a food cart. If you know anything about this city, the people of Portland really love some food carts! Salt + Straw gives back to the community through substantial donations. They now offer nationwide delivery, if you want to see what the hype is all about. They even offer dairy-free ice cream.

1 . Voodoo Doughnuts

There’s doughnuts, and then there’s VOODOO Doughnuts. People come from miles around to stand in line for hours just to order a dozen (or two) donuts placed inside the coveted pink box.

Voodoo Doughnut Box for Sale
Thomas Martin via Mercari

There are many flavors to choose from, including vegan options. Some of the flavors are just fun to say when ordering, like “Old Dirty Bastard”, the “Voodoo Doll”, and a “Maple Blazer Blunt.” The original location is the one in Old Town (in the Chinatown district of Portland). Voodoo Doughnuts celebrates their 20th anniversary of being in business in 2023.

@camrynlarsonn Minutes before getting yelled at by a crazy person #voodoodoughnuts #voodoodoughnutreview @sandrahill_ @perribelzer ♬ GASLIGHT - INJI

There are many more delicious foods that Oregon is famous for. Which one(s) are your favorite?

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