Real Estate is not cheap. It’s also a solid investment. I get that. I am a forward thinking kind of guy. I have been hearing a lot about us going to Mars soon. So last night, I was surprised by the fact that I could buy an acre of land, on Mars.

Backstory, was working last night and I got a Group-On notification. I opened it because I had too. It said, “You could be the proud owner of a piece of land on Mars!” Mars? Hey, that’s my favorite planet!

An acre of Mars dirt to be exact. Intrigued, I clicked on the link. There it was, I could be the latest Mars Land Owner!

GO 1

All it took was three clicks, one those apparently involved my credit card. With that, I now own a piece of the angry red planet. Yep, I am the latest MLO – Martian Land Owner.

How much was this investment? Well, it beats the price of land in Yakima and definitely beats the real estate prices in my former home of California. Yep, for the paltry price of $15, I am now an MLO. I mean, I was in the market for some land – red or not. Why not?!? Sign me up!

go 2

As I am typing this, I realize the reality of me being a land owner. I feel a sense of pride. My hard work has paid off. I am now a land owner. I hope you don’t view me differently.

Now what to name my new piece of dirt? I am leaning towards JimShow Land. Any thoughts there?

Mars Jimshow Land Cert

I mean, my new property is light years away, but I feel $15 is a solid investment. I know NASA is headed to Mars soon. As the latest MLO, I have some thoughts. I need NASA to know, if you land your spacecraft on my property there on Mars, you are gonna have to pay the price of admission. I am a fair guy. We can negotiate.

In case you want to visit ‘JimShow Land’, here are the coordinates. Can’t wait for you to see the place!

Mars Jimshow Long lat




JimShow Land is located 001 square South and 001 square East Area G-5, Quadrant Alpha 1, Lot Number 1/051707 of the extreme Westnorth corner of the Recognized Martian Chart. Approximate Latitude: 139°- 140° N. Longitude: 9°- 10° W. In addition, this property is located at the South of Olympus Mons

All My Best,

The JimShow

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