As I shared with ya'll last week. Mom is moving in!

She and my brother were living in Tacoma in January. Last month, due to COIVD, my brother lost his job and were forced to move back to California. Mama Show splits time between my brother and sister in California throughout the year.

But this year is different. She can't go back to Cali because her son-in-law is under quarantine with COVID. My mom is high risk - so guess where Mama Show landed?

Yep, in Yakima - with me, her favorite son (dripping with sarcasm there).

She is 71, retired and has a yappy little dog that only loves her.

My mom is fun, can have a wicked sense of humor and just loves everyone. She's mom. Mama Show.

PI Plates

In an effort to help my mom, Lisa decided to help Mama Show to find everything she needs and navigate her new space. Closets, laundry, food, you know, helping her get the lay of the land. Mama Show had a challenging time with the kitchen and its components, so late Sunday night, Lisa decided to help my mom find all she needed.

After we all went to bed, Lisa spent the evening strategically placing Posts Its all over the kitchen to help Mama Show find things like bowls, saran wrap, measuring cups etc. It was a patch work of yellow hints all over our kitchen. This was the result.

PI Kitchen

Yeah, it looks like the Post It Gods threw up all over our kitchen.

Mama Show woke up Monday morning, walked into the kitchen, adjusted her eyes to the little yellow hue tinted sticky notes and laughed. Why? Because that's what you do - sometimes you gotta laugh at yourself. It can be good for the soul. Mama Show found it funny and somehow it made her feel even more at home. She and her yappy little dog are doing well.

PI Foil

We are gonna leave those Post Its up until they fall down. And we will laugh every time we throw each one of them away.

PI Coffee

 All My Best,

The JimShow

PI Tupperware

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