Kane Brown welcomed his first kid, a daughter, on Tuesday this week. Her name is Kingsley Rose. On the heels of her birth, Kane released a new songs called "For My Daughter." As the title states, it's a song he wrote for his new baby girl.

For the most part, dads with daughters can relate to lyrics like this:

"Someone to play catch with out in the backyard
To pick up the pieces of your first broken heart
Someone to say slow down when you turn sixteen"


"Someone to scare the monsters, when it's dark in your room
Someone to put their foot down when you want a tattoo
And not just say I love you, but show you what it means"


"Someone to let you fall down and teach you how to get back up
Teach you how to be sweet like mamma and how to be tough
Yeah, I'll never be perfect, but sure as those lines are pink"

Each of the above verses ends with "Yeah, I grew up without a dad, I'm gonna be the best one I can be." I can't relate to those lyrics as I was definitely blessed to have grown up with a great dad.

Such a great heart felt song from Kane Brown, though. Take a listen below.

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