This was the fifth year of Watershed and each and every year the entertainment stakes get higher and higher. Wateshed goers are spending big money so last year they added an extra stage called "Next From Nashville". There is where you are getting a real value for your money and here are the reasons why.

I noticed on the "Next From Nashville" stage that the artists that don't have hit records or record companies are putting a lot of effort into their shows.

I was walking by the tent and heard some sweet sounds rolling out. I discovered a young man by the name of Russell Dickerson performing. He was gyrating and getting the crowd going and the music was great.

It made me realize how badly this guy wants it because you could tell everything was being thrown into this performance. Watershed does bring out the big names and stars but I was highly impressed by Russell Dickerson and the other artists on the "smaller" stage.

It's a shame but sometimes great artists go unnoticed. I looked him up when I got home and immediately bought his EP, The songs are great especially the song "Yours".

I thought I'd do my part and share his music with you.

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