I got a call this morning from one of our longtime listeners, Jessica, and she requested a new song by a new artist named Kane Brown.

You'd think that all radio announcers would be ahead of the curve on new music, artists and new songs -- and normally our track record is pretty good at sniffing out the new hits. But this time Jessica asked for an artist we've never heard anything about. If we get a request and we don't know the song, it sends the Bull Pen members scrambling to Google and Wikipedia. Thanks to Jessica, I think we've discovered a new artist who will soon be a big name in country radio and his name is ... Kane Brown!

Sam Hunt this last year has cornered the market with his special brand of rap, R&B and beat beds mixed in with his country roots, but it looks like he's got competition in new guy Kane Brown. The son of a single mom, Kane is 22 and hails from Georgia and has been fundraising with Kickstarter and released his EP on his own record label. He has sold over 100,000 copies of his song "Used To Love You Sober." He's reached No. 7 on the country charts without any help from a outside record label.

Kane tried out for "X-Factor" in 2013 but passed when they wanted to put him into a boy band.

Take a listen to this up-and-coming artist and let us know what you think.

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