Are you in charge of cooking this Thanksgiving? If you are, we want you to take all precautions in keeping your family healthy and free from diseases that come along with uncooked turkeys.

People magazine reported that the CDC has announced that at least one person has died and 164 others are sick from salmonella linked to uncooked/raw turnkey.

Besides cooking your turkey all the way through and washing your hands, here are a few other things that can keep you at the table this year and not in the hospital:

  • Make sure your avoid knife injuries: 'Tis the season to sharpen knives, so make sure as you are carving your turkey or ham you avoid carving your hand as well!
  • Deep frying your turkey: The drier the better, says the article from People.
  • Cooking your stuffing: Especially if you cook your stuffing inside of your turkey, be sure to pull it out and finish cooking it outside of the turkey. If there are uncooked turkey juices in the stuffing, you can make you and your guests sick.

For the full list visit this link! 

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