It seems like kids get a diet all of their own, eating whatever they want with seemingly no consequences. Adults are not that way, though. We have to watch what we eat, count calories, fast and do crazy diets just to get a little piece of chocolate. BUT, what if you didn't have to watch what you ate? What if just for one day you could eat like a kid -- anything you wanted with no consequences. What would you eat?

A new survey says that most people's menus would go something like this: Breakfast would be yogurt (? I don't get this one) and both lunch and dinner would be pizza, followed by pie for dessert.

We asked this question this morning and for me, the answer was simple. For breakfast I would have: Belgian waffles with ice cream on top, plus fresh strawberries and maple syrup. YUUMM! With hash browns and bacon.

For lunch: a big ol' juicy burger, that has onions sauteed in butter with cheese (you know the burger, the one you usually reach for after a night of drinking too much) and I would have beer-battered fries with fry sauce.

And dinner would be a deep-dish pizza, with all the fixin's.

Dessert would have to be either ice cream of my favorite cake.

Gunner said for breakfast he would have bacon, eggs, and hash browns, followed by a lunch with a good burger and fries. Then his dinner would be homemade Southern comfort mac 'n' cheese!

What would you eat for a day if calories, risk of a heart attack and other consequences were out of the picture?

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