Today is National Bosses Day, and I know ... sometimes it is hard to appreciate those who are in charge of us because let's be honest, no one wakes up going YES, I can't wait to be bossed around all day! I do feel, though, that there are certain things we can appreciate about our bosses.

My situation is a little more unique than most people's because I work in a 12X12 room with one of my bosses. That's right Gunner is in fact my direct boss, and some days it can get frustrating. We don't always get along and we don't always see eye to eye. But most days go really well.

According to a new survey, two-thirds of people would rather have a robot as a boss instead of the bosses that they have. The top reason why? Well, they say they would trust a robot more than their boss.

I am not a part of that group. I would rather have Gunner as my boss because he has experience in a morning show and radio (I need the guidance), he gives great constructive criticism, we have an ability to work together, disagree and move along with our day. One major thing that I think separates him from a robot -- other than having a pulse -- is that he cares about my family's and my future and will stop at nothing to help me get there and be better.

Those qualities are not things you can get from a robot. Those are true human traits.

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