Our Children's Miracle Network radiothon is coming up in October. We'll be out at Children's Village broadcasting LIVE on the radio all day raising money for CMN & Children's Village.

To get the ball rolling on the fundraising, we planned our inaugural CMN co-ed softball tournament! It will be Saturday (Aug. 24) at Carlon Park in Selah. Ten teams will be competing in a tournament bracket, with the champion taking home this AWESOME trophy, which was donated by Engravings Unlimited, Inc.

TSM/John Taylor

As I mentioned prior, the tournament will consist of 10 teams. The teams are all co-ed and are made up of co-workers, friends and families from all over the Yakima valley. Some of the team names are pretty cool too! "Womb-mates," "Disney Dingers," "Pitch, Please!" "Quit Yer Pitchin'," "Dolls and Balls," "The Village People" and more. Check out the tournament schedule, and the full list of team names here.

The tournament is being played with a 16-inch softball. This will make it tougher to hit a home run, and makes it easier for players of all skill levels. You'll see in the picture below just how much bigger the ball is in comparison to the female softball (far left) and the men's softball (middle).


Everyone is welcome to come on out and watch the tournament Saturday at Carlon Park in Selah. Admission is free. Let's raise some money for the kids!

Aside from the team entry fees, there are other ways that players and spectators will be able to donate on Saturday. Check the list below.

HOME RUNS: Each team will be allowed THREE (3) home runs per game. Any additional home runs will be considered an OUT. HOWEVER, although the out will remain, the team can count the run towards their score with a $20 donation to Children’s Miracle Network. The home team score keeper will be responsible for running a tally on donations/home runs. Donations made must be collected after each game. **IF A TEAM HAS ALREADY EXHAUSTED THEIR THREE HOME RUN MAX, AND THE HOME RUN OCCURS WITH TWO OUTS REMAINING IN THE GAME, THE GAME WILL END. THE RUN(S) WILL COUNT IF A $100 DONATION IS MADE TO CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK.
CONTESTED CALLS: Considering this tournament is a “rec” league tournament played with a 16” inch ball, the plays should be easy to call for all involved. If there is a play that is too close to call, ALL CONTESTED CALLS ARE TO BE ASSUMED OUT. However, with a $20 donation to Children’s Miracle Network, a contested call will be assumed SAFE. This rule will only be valid for CONTESTED CALLS. Other outs will remain outs and are not eligible for the donation rule.
DONATION BUCKET: There will be a donation bucket on site for those who wish to donate to Children’s Miracle Network.