I need a feel-good story right now, how about you? Well, here ya go. A big BIG kudos going out to owner of the Yakima salon, "Be-you-tfiul,", Audre Loranz. She decided to give back to the community by doing what she does every single day, but for some very special women. According to a report by KIMA, Loranz gave 25 survivors of domestic abuse, "a new lease on life," by hooking them up with free haircuts.

Loranz teamed up with the YWCA to give these women a new look after all they've been through. Here's what Loranz had to say about why she decided to do this:

My mindset behind it was, some of these women maybe have never even been in a salon before or a had a professional service, and so I wanted to be able to offer that experience for them, and maybe they’re going through a hard time, or maybe they have a job interview coming up that they don't feel confident to go into and they really need that job

It just makes my heart so happy that there are people like this right here in our city! Way to go, Audre! If you'd like to get yourself a new do, you can check them out at 807 W. Yakima Ave.

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