It is time for Gunner and I to find the most perfect Halloween costumes for all of the Halloween fun that is right around the corner.

Now we do not just pick any old costume we like, you know we like to stay relevant so last year Gunner dressed up at Geoffory the giraffe because Toys R Us had just announced the closing of their stores. I dressed up as Mrs. Incredible because the Incredibles had just released their second movie and it was a big hit!

This year however I think we may need some help, my original plan was to dress up as Elsa because we have the release of Frozen 2 this November but there is the problem--it releases after Halloween. So is it still acceptable to dress up like Elsa?

Here are my other current options-

I could be Jazmine from Aladdin which had its live-action movie released this past May.


Or I could go as Jessie the Cowgirl from Toy Story 4.


But if I am feeling like I need to be a little more comfortable, I could go as... MAMA SHARK!!

mama shark

There are so many options and to be honest I am kind of leaning towards being a shark!

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