Gunner and I were talking this morning on-air about this video that is circulating around about a woman who has been to jail, and she is making her mark on YouTube by giving very honest, candid videos about all things jailhouse. In this particular video, she shows you how she and others use to do their makeup in prison.

Now, this is not like oh, she had a lighter and smelled like, I don't know a crayon. No, not that -- this girl shows how they use to take a stick of deodorant and a magazine page, rub them together and then use that color for eye shadow.

She takes a pencil and petroleum jelly, mixes them together until it gets to the color she wants, and once it's that color, she uses that for eyeliner. Wait -- it gets better! She uses Doritos for lipstick!

Check out her video and see what has to be done if you are in prison and you need to make your face look presentable.

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