Whether you like it or not, Californians are coming to Washington. Because California just went full-on bat $#!^ crazy. That means like myself, more Cali expats coming our way.

According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, In 2017 more than 52,000 people moved from California to Washington. This was three years before the inmates took over the asylum in 2020.

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Yep, and Washington is the number one destination for soon to be Ex-Californians seeking a better life. In 2018, just 3,489,373 people of the 7,535,591 people who were living in Washington were born in the state, the data found. That amounts to just about 46% of people who live in the state who were born here.

What’s causing this? Banning Junk Food, Cars and No Power – as in electricity. Or the lack thereof.

First up, Berkeley in northern California just passed a ban the sale of junk food from supermarket checkout displays -- becoming the first US city to do so.

Last Shipment Of Hostess Twinkies Arrives In Chicago Area Stores
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"The healthy checkout ordinance is essential for community health, especially in the time of COVID-19," said councilmember Kate Harrison. "What is good for Berkeley customers is also good for our businesses."

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It’s always interesting that public officials know more about what is good for you than you do. Weird isn’t it?

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Here’s another reason they are a comin’. Gas powered cars are being banned in California. Yesterday, the governor with the world’s best hair, Gavin Newsome declared gas powered cars are being phased out. with a goal of all electric powered cars in the state.  Again, no one asked for this and its good intentions are paving the road to hell. I have no problem with electric cars. Actually I love the tech. What I don’t love is this is being decided for me – I want a choice.

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How about the fact that California has turned into a third world country? Electricity is now a luxury. And is it’s expensive. My average bill for one person was well over $150 a month. Here in Washington my average is $75 for three people. Rolling blackouts this summer were the result of the geniuses who run California. Their idea? Solar and wind is the future. So they stopped building and upgrading power plants. Now, there is more demand then power, so you get a blackout.

AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am - Preview Day 3
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Lastly, it’s expensive. Taxes are high. And there are more taxes coming. The cost of living is high. Multiple families living in ONE house is common. Californians are miserable and they want relief. According to the numbers, many will be coming this way.

Amgen Tour of California - Stage 4 - Morro Bay
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Much like you, I want to protect what we have here in Yakima. It is my hope you make these new Californian refugees, feel as welcomed as you did me. And like you, I too will keep an eye on them.  


All My Best,

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