This is what happens to you when you come and live with me. I drive you to drink.

I have that effect on people. This pic is proof.


Meet my mom – Mrs. Show. Mrs. Show is a teetotaler. Never had a drink in her life. Her dad, one of my grandfathers loved him some alcohol and it was a negative for her growing up. Nothing bad happened mind you. She just choose to not drink – ever.

My mom is from California. She splits time between my siblings. Recently she was living with my brother in Tacoma. When he lost his job due to COVID, she was ready to go back to California to live with my sister, but her son-in-law works in a high risk prison system and has had to self-quarantine at home.


Since my mom is higher risk, she drew the short straw and now she lives with me for the next couple months.

We are nothing alike. I am loud. She is quiet. I am outgoing. She’s an introvert. I see white. She see’s black. When we go out in public, it’s my mission to embarrass her somehow, she knows it’s coming and is used to it. We celebrate  and respect our differences. That's a good thing.

Recently we took her grocery shopping. She loves Wal-Mart, so we hit the aisles. We got the usual, bread, meats, ice cream & whatnot.

That’s when it happened. My mom was staring into the window of the beer beverage cooler. She stared and studied intently. She was looked as if she was pondering a beverage of choice. She actually seemed to be actually considering buying some White Claw?!? The preferred adult beverage choice of Millennials?!?

My mom, who never drinks, was actually considering cracking open a White Claw?!? When did she get so plugged into the millennial culture?

She even looked further down the adult beverage aisle. Now she is looking at beer. At least she was looking at some IPA’s and not Old Milwaukee. There might be hope for her after all!




After I took several pictures of my mom ogling White Claw, my mom finally caught me. She laughed because she realized what she was looking at and how odd it looked. We laughed and I sent the pic to my brother and sister.

They both were just as shocked as I was. My sister texted me “Are you driving her to drink?!? Cause if anyone can, it’s you!”

I showed my mom the texts. She chuckled.

We finished our shopping, checked out, loaded the groceries in the car and headed home.

On the way, we were still laughing about the picture. I asked my mom “What did you think you were looking at?” She laughed and said, “I thought it was a special ice cream, not beer.”

We all learned something that day. My mom learned what White Claw was, and I captured a moment I will cherish forever.

I Love Ya Mom!

All My Best,

The JimShow


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