Picture your most terrifying moment, now check this out.

NSFW (careful obviously being stalked by a cougar would create some colorful language)

Kyle Burgess aka @kunkyle of Utah was enjoying a solo run in the woods over the weekend when he happened to cross paths with a mountain lion and her cubs. Momma wasn't having this unexpected visitor and for the next five minutes, Kyle was in some serious danger that he managed to capture on film.

Set your alarm for five minutes because that's how long Kyle had to walk backwards on the rocky trail as this cougar stalked him. He hissed as she hissed, barked and let out **** cause um ****. If you've ever been curious what it would look like having a cougar come at you. Oh Lordy be. The cougars legs look like they go all gumby, she's so big and strong and she just won't stop following him. I can't believe how calm Kyle was able to keep himself. I bet he burned way more calories than if he had been running.

He continues to not only comfort himself with, "not today's" and, "where's my gun?" but also speaking to the cougar in a calm voice, "it's ok and she can go back to her babies".

A few times it looks like she is going to give up but then she keeps walking towards him. Not trotting but she's moving along. I imagine walking backwards for that long with that much stress would really have those calves burning.

Finally as Kyle reaches an incline he crouches and looks like he grabs a rock, that movement was enough to spook the cougar and she takes off down the hill. A collective sigh of relief for everyone. Holy guacamole that would be the most terrifying experience ever.

Kyle vs Cougar

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