Bargain hunters unite! Your stores are now open!

This morning at 10a, the Valley Mall Plaza was a buzz with activity. Around 300 shoppers waited in line earlier this morning to get their bargain shop on!

We were on-site when the lines starting filing into both of these stores this morning.


Dana Franz of Yakima was in the middle of the line at Marshall's this morning. She arrived at 8:30a this morning along about 100 others waiting for the store to re-open. "Marshall's is our go-to for back to school shopping. I have three children in school. Shopping here make it affordable to send my kids to school with new clothes. Am so glad they are re-opening!", she said with a smile on her face. That’s double the people Marshall’s had at their grand opening last year in April of 2019.


Across the parking lot, TJ Maxx was almost a mirror image of what we saw at Marshalls. TJ Maxx lines were a bit longer, with around 150-200 people waiting for the bargain store to open.

David Perez was in line with his 5 year- old son this morning at TJ Maxx. When asked why he was there, he responded, "I can get my son’s his clothes cheaper here for his first day of school."




Both stores are opening today after being closed for over 130 days, with people ready to shop and find bargains.


So, if you are a bargain shopper, today is a great day for you! Congrats! Happy shopping!

All My Best,

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