Words can not describe how much we needed this man in our lives. If you have planned a wedding, you know it is -- seriously --no joke. The flowers, the gown, the table cloths, the colors, plus the music, decor, venue -- my head kind of wants to explode every single time I even think about it. Cue Jason -- from Fuzion Events LLC.

Jason is Jordan's and my wedding planner, and he is the definition of organized and put together. I first met Jason in our boardroom here at the station. You could hear his laugh and distinct voice from down the hallway, and I am not kidding when I say I knew he was a fit for us the moment I met him!

Our first meeting was all about the process and what to expect -- you know, setting expectations and getting to know each other. I told him my deepest and darkest thoughts on what I would like to see our wedding have, and then advised him that he would have to play the referee because Jordan and I are not exactly seeing eye to eye on details. That is a task Jason was totally willing to accept, and as I continued to explain what I knew we wanted, Jason already had the perfect vendors in mind!

Knowing we have Jason here to help walk us through the planning process has really made me feel so much more confident in this planning a wedding process! I cannot wait to continue this journey and see what he has in store for us!

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