My job allows me to do some pretty amazing things. But this might take the cake: spending 20 minutes in a room with just you and a few other people, plus Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

It was my husband and I, another radio personality from Montana along with her daughter, the record label rep and another woman who I'm assuming is Garth and Trisha's assistant in the room together. The room had couches, chairs, end tables, a coffee table and a rug. Basically, what anyone's living room would look like -- comfortable and inviting.

Trisha talked about her cooking show and how she films episodes for it during the week in Nashville when they aren't on the road. Then on the weekends she's performing concerts with Garth.

Garth asked how long my husband and I had been married. I responded with my line, "time served is 26 years, but married 18." Garth thought the "time served" was hilarious.

Garth joked about how he's the "girl" in he and Trisha's marriage. He's the mushy one who remembers anniversaries.

They asked how many kids we had and how old they all are. Garth and Trisha talked about how it's difficult dropping a kid off at college. They joked that when their last one went off to college, they decided it was time to start a world tour.

We were allowed to take pictures with our phones, which was a nice change from the whole we-have-a-photographer-and-you-can-get-your-pictures-from-our website drill that you run into with so many celebrities.

The best part of the visit? Getting a big hug from each one of them as they left.

After they left, the record label rep, Glenn, who is one of the nicest guys in the industry, gave me a bag full of Garth and Trisha merchandise. Everything from baseball caps, T-shirts, a cup and key chain.

Truly, one of the best moments of my life!

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