Today was Cefus' last day on 92.9 The Bull.

Here was my goodbye to Cefus.


Sometimes you can be whiney, grumpy, needy, annoying, and kick my baby down the street.

Sometimes you're funny, caring, awkward -- and you always have my back!

For all these things that you are, most important is that you're my friend. My friend who I get to do a radio show with every weekday morning.

We've been through a lot together the past five years -- a difficult boss who made us both want to quit, a divorce, meeting the girl of your dreams, a marriage, the loss of an election and being thrown together with Rik doing mornings.

You've taken me to my first WWE experience, helped get me backstage to see Sam Hunt, gone to Seahawks games together. But most importantly you introduced me to one of my best friends, your lovely wife Kristina.

I'm so very proud of you and I can't wait to be a part of your next adventure in life.

So, Cefus. This isn't goodbye. It's ... I'll see you soon my friend.

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