We were talking about this yesterday. I talk for a living, yet there are so many words I mangle. These words own me at times. I feel stupid sometimes when I can’t pronounce certain words. There are the ABC’s of me. I am not sure if you have the same problem pronouncing these words, if you got these down, you are better than I.

Here are some words I wrestle with.

Worcestershire (War Chest Shire) – You know, that mysterious liquid seasoning that comes in a bottle?

This word is waaaaayyyyy to unnecessary. It’s one of those words the British laugh as we try to spit it out.

First off, Worcestershire is a British word named after a region in the UK. The end of the word means "shire", which means "county" in Britain. So the Worcestershire sauce used as food seasoning is merely named after the region in which it originates. It may help to remember that after "wo" the "rce" part of the word is silent and "shire" is pronounced "sher," like in New Hampshire.

Colonel (Ker-nul)

This one is confusing because it L where an R should be. What’s up with that?!?

Colonel is derived from France. This pronunciation is "ker-nul." The reason it's a strange word for foreigners is that it lacks an "r," despite using that sound when spoken. The second "o" is silent, which adds to the confusion.


Pfizer (Fie-Zer)

That’s the drug company. We are helping them become rich because you need their Xanax.  Founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 1849 as Charles Pfizer & Company by the German chemist and entrepreneur Charles Pfizer and his cousin Charles Erhart, a confectioner. Drugs and Candy? Yep, that’s Pfizer.


Ghislaine Maxwell (GEE-lane MAX-well)

She’s the assistant to the monster of  now deceased convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. She worked for her father, the publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell. Her name is of French origin meaning "pledge". As in I pledge to help a sex offender get away with it?


Wuhan (WOO-hawn)

That’s where ‘Rona originated. Wuhan China. Now you know how to properly pronounce who is responsible for the misery we have endured for over 10 months.


Kamala Harris (CAW-ma-la HAIR-iss)

Since she is our soon-to-be President, we should learn to pronounce her name correctly. Problem is, even she isn’t consistent in pronouncing her own name. First it’s KAM Muh Lah. Then it’s (CAW-ma-la) Let’s just go with President Harris. Here she is calling herself  KAM Muh Lah after repeatedly asking to be called (CAW-ma-la).


There should be a rule. No R’s before or after a u. It’s just weird. This one is my personal a tongue twister.


Quinoa (KEEN-waa)

It looks like, KE know waa. It’s also delicious with some roasted almonds. This super food has gained popularity among health food consumers in recent years, even though it's a grain from the ancient world. This Spanish word has multiple pronunciations, such as "KEEN-wah," "ken-WAH" or "KEN-on-ah."

I call it the latter. I urge you to do the same.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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