This summer has been insanely busy for my family and me. It is my first summer working at the station, and I don't think I always handle my busy schedule in the best way possible. Also, with my boyfriend, Jordan, launching his business has left him with no free time. So we have had no time for little vacations or family time. Jordan, however, wanted that to change -- so he surprised us with a day trip to Seaside, Ore. And when I say day trip, I literally mean a day trip.

We left our house at 2 a,m, and were back home by 7:30 p.m. It was amazing! I woke up Sunday morning sunburned and missing the sand, but I was emotionally so satisfied!

This trip was also both Easton and my FIRST time to an Oregon beach (well, Easton's first time on a beach period). I have never ever put my toes in the sand of a beach in Oregon until this weekend. Why or how not, you ask? The answer is simple: I just haven't, and I have never been with someone who cared to make those memories with me until now. But I can honestly say my first trip with my little family was a success and I am glad I could spend it with them!

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